In Coquisera, Matienzo
In Coventosa, Ason
In Renada, Matienzo

I started caving in 1968 and still aim to make two or three proper caving trips a year, or more if I join an expedition.  I have caved in most UK areas and abroad in Ireland, France, Spain, Italy and Belgium.  I have always taken an active part in club organisation and I am currently treasurer of the Derbyshire Caving Club.

Caving is a great sport involving lots of team work but no competition.  In my opinion, competition doesn't strengthen sports, it just makes them more exclusive so that they become a spectator pastime rather than participation.  In caving, you are always competing with the elements and your own physical state but there is no pressure to go too far.  Unlike sports where you are said not to have proved your limit until you have failed, in caving, there is no room for failure so you always aim to play safe.

I am happy to provide contacts for anyone wanting to try caving.

I have put some caving pictures in the album here.

For more information about caving, try one of these links below:

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(Photos: Matienzo - Coquisera: NJD, Coventosa: S Dillon, ReƱada: NJD)

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