Therion to Survex file converter
Theodolite surveying in West Mine
The Disto X developed by cavers
Survex output file for the Cobalt Mine

Now available!  I have written a Topo to Survex conversion program (ConvertTopo.exe).  It can be downloaded as a Zip file here or contact me and I will send a copy.  It should be self-explanatory but in brief it can take a PocketTopo file (*.top), a Topo exported text or Therion file (*.txt) and should produce a text file with the Survex data.  There may still be some issues so if you try to convert something and it doesn't work as planned, please send me the Topo data so I can test and debug the program.  When you install it, it should appear on your Start menu as a standard program.  Good Luck!

For information on the use of this page, please contact me through the enquiry page.  Unlike the ConvertTopo program, the format must be as a Therion text file exported by PocketTopo.

Select the survey file:   LRUD format (type four characters)  

Add suffix to name:

Result will be shown on screen and placed in ftp folder as an SVX file. Download or copy and paste it into a Survex file.

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