Transactions of Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society

The Alderley Edge Mines

The Archaeology of Alderley Edge

This page will be used to link to publications available on loan from my library.  The content will depend upon what has been requested and distribution will be severely limited to protect copyright.

To download a document, you will need to enter a password for each document each time you come to this page.  After typing in the password press enter or move to another box and a download link will then be shown in the password/link box.  I will provide these passwords on request.

The Alderley Edge Mines
Full book in compressed format
Carlon and Dibben 2012 PDF: 4MB
The Archaeology of Alderley Edge
Smelting from chapter 11
Timberlake and Prag 2005 PDF: 31MB
The Archaeology of Alderley Edge
Pot Shaft from chapter 6
Timberlake and Prag 2005 PDF: 37MB
The Story of Alderley
Full book
Prag 2016 PDF: 24MB
Map of Engine Vein
Deakin and Dibben 2017 JPG: 9MB
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