Data protection

The General Data Protection Regulations protect the privacy of individuals by regulating how personal information, known in the Regulations as 'personal data', is collected and used. The Regulations apply to information stored electronically or in manual systems.

'Personal data' is any information that relates to a living individual who can be identified:

  • from that information or,
  • from that and other information in our possession or likely to come into our possession.

Personal data can include:

  • email addresses or telephone numbers, collected when people contact me
  • information about people that I collect from my activities, including images and sound recordings
  • name, address, email addresses and telephone numbers of contacts

The Regulations require that personal information is:

  • collected and used fairly i.e. I make it clear to people how I intend to use their information and whether it will be given to anyone else
  • appropriate to the uses which have been agreed
  • accurate
  • stored for the minimum time relevant to the use for which it is collected
  • stored securely (for this purpose, any names, addresses, emails and phone numbers kept on-line are stored encrypted)
  • disposed of securely once the use for which it has been collected has come to an end
  • protected by a contract, if it is being given to a third party to ensure the information is only used for the purpose the organisers have agreed. A contract is also needed if personal information is being sent to a third party located outside the EU. People have certain rights under the act in relation to information stored about them.

The website operates with an SSL certificate which allows secure connections from a web server to a browser.  Evidence of the SSL certificate can be seen in the padlock symbol on the browser address bar.

Any formal requests for information or notices to stop processing under the act will be dealt with by me personally. Pass any such requests immediately to me. Contact can be made by email through my Enquiry page.

Removal of data or images

Any request to have email addresses or other information deleted or photographs removed from the website at any time should be referred to me as I can readily remove the information.

Use of Cookies

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