Family history
Grandmother, grandfather, uncle and father
Parent's wedding in 1944
Edmund Hodgson
Hodgsons on the beach

After my father had died, we found that he had an assortment of family items, pictures, certificates, bills, indentures and so on relating to his father and family.  My grandfather, Harry Herbert Dibben had died young so I knew nothing of him and my father was not generally known for opening up on the subject of his life history.  On my mother's side, the family have fairly extensive records of the Blaker and Hodgson families which united with my maternal grandparents.  I have assembled all this information on computer and added data about the Dibben family (which was rather lacking).

There is more about the Hodgson family on the page relating to Books and the Hodgsons.

I would be most pleased to get in touch with any other Dibbens out there who can share some information about the family.  The family roots lie in Hampshire and my great great grandfather came from Havant. 

I also have an extensive tree for my wife's family going back to the 18th century.

The photos above show, from left to right:
(c. 1920) Clara Mary Ann Dibben (nee Battey), Ronald Henry Dibben, Harry Herbert Dibben, George Walter Dibben (my father)
(16/12/1944) John Curle (father's stepfather, Clara Mary Ann Curle, Best Man, George Walter Dibben, Barbara Mary Dibben (nee Hodgson), Unknown, Margaret Elizabeth Hodgson, Dorothy Kathleen Hodgson (nee Blaker), Sidney Hodgson on the wedding day of my parents
(19th C) Edmund Hodgson
(early 20th C) Hodgson and Blaker families on the beach on the South Coast

The photographs below are of the Lodge, Portslade and (on the right) Henry Hill Hodgson and his brothers, .  If anyone wants more details about them, contact me.

The Lodge   The Lodge   Wedding at the Lodge   Henry Borrer   The Hodgsons 

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