Sand Cavern in Wood Mine, Alderley Edge
Geevor Mine in Cornwall
Golconda Mine in Derbyshire

Mining interests grew out of my caving career.  After graduating, I became increasingly interested in the Mines at Alderley Edge and elsewhere in the UK.  Alderley led on to an interest in mining history.

Historic mines provide a fascinating insight into work in previous times and an impressive example of the resourcefulness of our forefathers.  Rarely in this world can one come across a worker's tools still in place 300 years after he left to go home one day.  Exploring how a mine was worked and to where it might extend provide two particular interests in this field.

My connections at Alderley Edge mean that I am happy to offer trips to friends or other interested groups or else I can put you in touch with someone else who can give you a trip down the mines.  I've also revised the 1979 book about The Alderley Edge Mines and copies can be bought through this website by visiting the bookshop.

I have put some mining pictures in the album here.

For more information about mining, try one of these links below:

Photos: Left: Sand Cavern, Wood Mine; centre: Geevor Mine; right: Golconda Mine (all by NJD)

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